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Cooperative Agreements to Support State-Based Safe Motherhood and Infant Health Initiative Programs

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Possible uses and use restrictions...

PRAMS: Cooperative Agreement funds may be used to develop a surveillance system that will identify behavioral risk factors during pregnancy and early infancy, and will identify problems in health care delivery. Funds may be used to support the following activities: (1) Obtaining a commitment of participation from the Maternal and Child Health, Vital Statistics, and Data Processing units; (2) assuring that the State PRAMS program will have access to needed vital records information; (3) forming a Steering Committee to promote user involvement; (4) developing a surveillance protocol; (5) preparing a questionnaire, including State-specific questions; (6) obtaining Institutional Review Board review and approval; (7) implementing surveillance operations, such as sampling, data collection, data management, database development, and data analysis; and (8) planning for data dissemination and use. MCHEP: Cooperative agreement funds may be used by grantees to build their analytic capacity to use epidemiologic and surveillance data to address health problems affecting women, infants and children. Grantees in States, D.C., cities, and U.S. territories will develop a multidisciplinary team to identify populations at increased risk of infant mortality and to help direct programs to reduce this risk. Funds may be used to: (1) Establish a risk-oriented approach to the reduction of infant mortality; (2) substantially build State and local surveillance and epidemiologic capabilities; (3) enhance capacity in States to use surveillance and epidemiologic findings in program and policy development, implementation, and evaluation; (4) disseminate such analytic capabilities to other States by providing information, direct technical assistance, and a pool of knowledgeable and experienced individuals for collaboration; (5) coordinate State programs in database development and intervention research; and (6)develop stronger interactive partnerships among State, territorial, and Federal. To carry out other types of surveillance, prevention research, and demonstrations projects as authorized under the Safe Motherhood authorization.